And the Award goes to…


Cleveland has so many fascinating stories to tell, Discover My Cleveland had the opportunity to visit an inspirational one last night.  Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute has such a fascinating story to tell that it is currently nominated for an Academy Award!

The premise is simple, give people a hand up and not a handout. Edwins’ mission is to give a second chance to people who were formerly incarcerated.  Their program goes above and beyond just helping people find a job, it helps them find semblance, and meaning, and pride in their newfound life; and apparently it is working. Through the training, coaching, mentoring, and support their ‘students’ are finding their way. Of all of the graduates that have been through Edwins only 1% have gone back to incarceration.

This is not a simple “give me” these people work hard and dedicate their lives to the opportunity for a second chance! So the next time you are in the mood for quality French Cuisine make a reservation and be a part of their story.

Way to go Edwins! See you at the Oscars!!

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