Cleveland Restaurant at the Oscars???

Cleveland has so many fascinating stories to tell, Discover My Cleveland had the opportunity to visit an inspiring one last night.  Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute has such a fascinating story to tell that it is nominated for an Academy Award. The premise is simple, give people a hand up and not a handout. Maybe that is too simple but that primarily is what Edwin does, their mission is to give a second chance to a formerly incarcerated person.  But their program goes above and beyond just helping people find a job, it helps them find semblance, and meaning, and pride in their newfound life. And apparently it is working, through the training, coaching, mentoring, and support their ‘students’ are finding their way. Of all of the graduates that have been through Edwins only 1% have gone back to incarceration.

This is not a simple “give me” these people work hard and dedicate their lives to the second chance! So the next time you are in the mood for quality French Cuisine make a reservation and be a part of the story.

Way to go Edwins! See you at the Oscars!!