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Coffee? Donut? Hippest New Club?

We were recently invited to check out a ‘new’ space for possible events. The invite came via an email, and when we rsvp’d we received a ‘password.’  We were perplexed but filed the information away until the day we ventured downtown for the event. As we parked across from Magnolia we immediately noticed two things… 1) the size of the ‘storefront’ was very small compared to surrounding buildings 2) the sign said Magnolia Coffee & Donuts.

Now don’t get me wrong, we are big fans of coffee and donuts; however our invitation had mentioned hors d’oeuvres and wine, which we are even bigger fans of. But you find nothing out by not moving forward, so we ventured across the street and walked into Magnolia. True to its name there was a counter with a small glass case of donuts and a coffee machine, also two large well-dressed men in this very tiny space. One asked if we were here for the event, when I acknowledge that we were his next question was: password? We gave him the magical password. We were asked to sign in and then told to follow him. He walked behind the counter and we tentatively followed him as he reached for the handle of what appeared to be the giant walk-in cooler, he pulled it open and ushered us forward to where we met with plastic sheeting as typically hangs in front of a giant walk-in cooler… but as we cleared that and continued down the hall we were amazed at the space before us. We had just wondered in to Cleveland’s Premiere SPEAKEASY and were amazed at this cozy, yet state of the art Club. For more information on  Magnolia check out their website

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