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Kitchen 216 a recipe for Success

If you’re tired of the same old scene with your friends it’s time to start cooking up a new adventure. Kitchen 216 is an opportunity to bring a group of friends together to have a great culinary experience or possibly a corporate group for a team-building function. This learning kitchen staffs different chefs that can create a robust and flavorful evening for you and your group. Pick your Cuisine and menu and they will match a chef to your theme. You’ll come in and get a hands-on experience in the state of the art kitchen and then get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Good for groups from 8 to 40. But that’s not all that this kitchen has to offer!

This  high-tech kitchen lends itself as the perfect environment as a test kitchen for products. It also provides  a great commercial cook kitchen for small businesses just starting out that need refrigerator, freezer, and dry storage space without the huge price tag of having their own space. Most recently they have begun offering their space for small batch packaging which is HUGE to local entrepreneurs that are just not ready to roll the conveyor belts with 1,000 jars of jam.

Thanks Kitchen 216 for creating a recipe for success for so many!

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